Have You Heard of the LeBiniou Audio Visualizer?

Lebiniou audio visualizer user interface

We are great fans of the free and open-source Le Biniou audio visualizer software. Le Biniou or Lebiniou is an user-friendly, powerful music visualization and VJing tool.

Diverse Ways to Mix Visual Aspects

LeBiniou offers you the possibility to create and rotate between different schemes, sequences, colormaps, and images. There are tens of different effects you can combine to create some interesting and certainly breath-taking visuals. You can import your own image material, display and combine your own videos, or stream your webcam to the mix.

You can put the program on autopilot and randomize everything or control the scenery manually from the UI. To be honest the user-interface in it’s current state is not very newbie-friendly and for example I had a pretty steep learning curve while trying to get familiar with it.

However, the user-interface is under a re-write at the moment, and also the project’s website will be renewed. The current one is from the, otherwise so sweet, 90s.

Run on Linux or Windows 10

The software is built for Linux operating systems but it is also possible to get it running under Windows 10. This happens by installing Windows Subsystem for Linux and for example the latest Ubuntu distro.

I personally will give the project a hand and write instructions how I managed to get this little miracle machine running under MS Windows.

Olivier “oliv3” Girondel has founded the project already back in 1994. Currently it is being developed by a quite small but the more enthusiastic team.

Another Brick in The Wall

Lebiniou is not meant to be used plainly in and out of itself. Its strengths come visible when combined with a webcam, which is a supported feature, or used as a raw material for other video editing software. I personally like to add some Shotcut (a free, open source, cross-platform video editor btw.) video effects to the videos rendered by Lebinou.

Visit the website of the project at biniou.net. There you will find links to GitLab, User Manual, Wiki, and of course much more general information and screenshots of this artistic program.

Have fun and good luck!