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Double your stereo image in a mono-friendly, phase-safe, and simple way – with Cheap-Trick Stereo Enhancer VST plugin.

Audio Freakout’s Cheap-Trick Stereo Enhancer is a mono-friendly, phase-safe filter that enriches the stereo image of your track.

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Cheap-Trick Stereo Enhancer VST Plugin

Rough But Sensitive

The Cheap-Trick Stereo Enchancer VST plugin from Audio Freakout is a sturdy and rough, but at the same time sensitive and quick tool to expand the stereo vibes of your moro or stereo based audio signal.

It is safe to use because it does not cause phasing problems. The streamlined UI provides you the settings that are necessary but does not confuse you by offering a chaos of control you don’t want to even know about.

Perhaps the Best (Almost) Free Stereo Enchancer VST?

All this packed in a 64-bit and 32-bit Windows VST plugin is now all yours for free (we charge $0.01). Simply give it a go.

It only takes a couple of minutes to test-drive this plugin and if you get disappointed, just throw it away.

Simple and Beautiful VST Plugin

Our team with a lead of its innovative sound engineering guru has carefully crafted the stereo enhancement algorithm that is at the same time both simple, beautiful, and effective. The plugin does not put too much burden on the computing resources of your digital studio equipment.

Screenshot of The Free Stereo Enhancer VST plugin

You could use our widener on master track but not least due to its light-weight nature we now have the possibility to recommended the plugin to be used on single tracks with slightly different settings on each bringing variety on the stereo realm of your mix.

Forget complex and expensive stereo image expander plugins. Achieve the same with ease and only little resources wasted. Simple really is beautiful – and now also effective.

Audio Demonstration

The options available are coarse but just enough to achieve the stereo width broadening that you desire in your mix.

The plugin’s user interface offers you the possibility to switch between low-end, middle or high-end focused enhancement. The other knob allows you to modify the resolution and threshold of the effect – from mild to bananas.

All the offered combinations of setting variations are safe and it’s purely up to you how you want to configure the expansion.

Instead the way most common stereo enhancers typically work, by static expanding, our stereo expander algorithm animates (i.e. changes the setting values up and down by modulating over time) the parameters depending on the frequency and this way casts a more alive effect.

Runs on Windows

32-Bit/64-Bit Support

Currently the plugin is only available as Windows 32-bit and 64-Bit DLL. This means no 64-Bit computer is required to run it, but it works in 64-Bit (e.g. Windows 10) systems superb also.

C/T Stereo Enchancer operates well in all Windows music production environments or DAWs implementing VST2 effects support, including Cakewalk, Cubase, Reaper, Fruity Loops Studio, and Hermann Seib’s VSTHost.

Receive a Download Link

After checkout you will be shown a download link that is valid for 48 hours. Note that you will get new a link from the Updates section of this site always when needed.

Installing the plugin is straightforward. Just download the package, extract the zip file, and copy the contained DLL file (called “CheapTrickStereoEnhancer.dll”) to your 64-bit VST plugins directory.

“It Even Turns Mono Into Stereo”

Normally stereo enhancer plugins require stereo audio to be functional. When we stated that Cheap-Trick Stereo Enchancer is mono-friendly we meant you can apply the plugin effect also to a mono track and the signal automatically expands to cover larger stereo space.

Voilà! Now you can turn mono into stereo with this little plugin. Get Cheap-Trick Stereo Enhancer

Make your sound larger in a mono-friendly, phase-safe, and simple way.

Go ahead and download the Cheap-Trick Stereo Enchancer VST plugin from Audio Freakout’s online store now for only one cent!

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