Cheap-Trick Stereo Enhancer 1.0.2 Released

Cheap Trick Stereo Expander 1.0.2

Soon after releasing the first live version of Cheap-Trick Stereo Enhancer – 1.0.1 – we still continued vigorous testing to ensure everything worked as planned. We found a couple places for improvement. Parameter value animation was fine-tuned and another one was a bigger mistake. We had to replace the plugin’s unique ID.

Due to this change of plugin ID you may encounter the Cheap-Trick Stereo Enhancer GUI turning to the DAW’s default one without any graphics. In this case just remove the plugin and load it again, now the GUI issue should be fixed for good.

We apologise these final mile changes but in the end it had to be done to offer you even a more robust product. You can download the Cheap-Trick Stereo Enhancer 1.0.2 from the Updates page by providing the email address your license was tied to when you purchased the plugin.

The development of this project will surely not end here. We will have a look at other interesting innovations but sooner or later our stereo expander will continue to grow more faster, meaner, and greater.

Cheers! -A/F Team