Let's Cut The Bull$#it

Here comes the Beat Chopper VSTi.

Slice → Trigger → Enjoy

Be in control of your samples! Chopping, slicing, splitting... whatever you happen to call it, Beat Chopper is a robust tool to achieve this.

Beat Chopper is a great tool for slicing up a beat sample and make variations of it. However, you don't have to stop to just drum loops. The plugin adapts well with your imagination - get creative and, for example, chop up a guitar riff!

WAV Samples Supported

Currently the plugin supports only loading of WAV files. Support for MP3 samples is coming in future releases.

After you have purchased the plugin you are granted access to updates for all future versions.

Now, let's take a look at the plugin's user interface.

Classic and Effective UI

How to Chop Like a Pro

The user interface is simple, displaying the waveform, chop points, and current playing positions. The UI provides you the possibility to slice your sample evenly into 4, 8, 16 or 32 parts, or you can let automation take care of it.

Screenshot of Beat Chopper VST plugin

The sample can be automatically split into slices by Audio Freakout's tempo detection algorithm and furthermore synced with the project tempo on the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) of your choice. That really eases your job of reorganizing samples!

You can trigger the sample from multiple positions simultaneously and lifting the key up stops the playing sample part.


New and Older Windows Supported

Windows 7 and Windows 10 supported

32-Bit/64-Bit Windows Supported

Currently the plugin is only available as Windows 32-Bit DLL. This means no 64-Bit computer is required to run it, but it works in 64-Bit (e.g. Windows 10) systems superb also.

Beat Chopper rocks in all Windows music production environments with or DAWs implementing VST2 instrument support, including Cakewalk, Cubase, Renoise, Fruity Loops Studio, and Hermann Seib's VSTHost.

You'll Be Sent a Download Link

After purchasing you will be shown a download link that is valid for 48 hours. Note that you will get new a link from the Updates section of this site when needed.

Installing the plugin is straightforward. Just download the package, extract the zip file, and copy the contained folder (called "BeatChopper") to your VST x86 plugins directory.

Reaper Demons­tration Video

Why Beat Chopper Makes You Agile

Check out this short video film demonstrating the use of Beat Chopper in Reaper. As you can see it is naturally possible to run multiple instances of the plugin simultaneously... heck, we don't mind if you'd use it on every track of your new project! 😉

We hope you liked the "Beat Chopper Theme" composed by producer/composer Mike Midas with the help of some energetic WAV samples from SampleSwap.

Why Waste Your Money to Anything Lesser?

Purchase Now!

Beat Chopper product image

Warning! Are You Boring Your Listeners?

There aren't many similar and as efficient VST instruments out there. Buy the plugin now for only $25, and be amazed with the results you soon will start to see. Using Beat Chopper will save you time but also money spent on buying new audio samples. Recycling – it's the word of the day!

This deal really offers you a nice "bang for the buck" ratio. Of course, the license includes free life-time updates.

How to Download and Install Without a Hassle

Enter your email address into order form and you will receive a download link. The link is active for 48 hours, after that you'll have to request another one.

Choose your address carefully since it is the only information tied to your license and one and only way for you to get free product updates.

Now, move on to the download and order form below.

Are You Still Just Fantasizing?

Download Beat Chopper

Stop fooling around! Fill in your order details, and pay the purchase via PayPal or credit card. Simply enter the details below, proceed to order confirmation and checkout, and you're on your way to the inspiring realm of chopping and designing marvelous arrangements.

Choose your address with care.

Choose your address carefully since it is the only information tied to your license and the one and only way for you to get free product updates.

If you are searching for updates go to the Updates Page.

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How abusing a single sample
can lead to boredom

Have inspiring and creative moments with Beat Chopper! Working with the virtual instrument is uplifting, and you will sharply reach a whole new mindset regarding audio sample usage. You will soon find yourself trying out different ways of orchestrating even your old worn out samples! Get Beat Chopper now – it just delivers.

We hope you enjoy using the plugin as much as we do.

Audio Freakout Team