Beat Chopper

Windows Beat Slicer VSTi

Create INFINITE Different Beats
Off a Single Drum Loop

With Beat Chopper VST Instrument.

Are you, too, tired of cutting, re-organizing samples by hand? Or do you even bore your listeners away by looping the same sample over and over again?

Look no further! Beat Chopper boosts your creativity by enabling you to trigger a sample from different points in time, simply by hitting the keys of your MIDI keyboard, or by placing notes in the arrangement view of your favorite music producing software.

Let your choice be Cubase, Reaper, Fruity Loops, or any other VST instrument supporting DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) you can utilize Beat Chopper to gain the ease and flexibility of building new loops you’ve never even dreamed of.

Simple And Easy To Use

With Beat Chopper the simplicity and ease of use are built-in in every part of the plugin. The user interface is clear yet equipped with poweful indicators, only the crucial option are included.

You can trigger the the same sample simultaneously from different parts as you wish. The sound is stopped when you release the key or end of the part is reached.Screenshot of Beat Chopper VST plugin

Sample waveform display contains a position indicator for every currently playing part. This way you get a full view of plugin utilization with a single glance. We’ve made sure there is absolutely no useless settings included to shatter your flow.

Demons­tration Video

Check out this short film that demonstrates the use of Beat Chopper in Reaper DAW. As you can see it is possible to run multiple instances of the plugin simultaneously… even on every track of your new project!

We hope you liked the “Beat Chopper Theme” composed by producer/composer Mike Midas with the help of some energetic WAV samples from SampleSwap.

Light on CPU

Low CPU usage makes it possible to run multiple instances of the plugin, with the same or different sample, simultaneously on single or various tracks – even on legacy computers.

No Extra Crap

The download package and software does not contain any extra junk. This leads to straightforward installation. Only pure DLL files, for 32 and 64-bit systems are included. Simply download, extract, and copy the folder to your VST plugins directory.

Built-In Creativity

Automatic slicing by Audio Freakout’s signal peak detection alghorithm offers you the power to compose even more authentic, artistic loops by cutting the sound on wild, yet perfectly valid positions.

On rhytmic samples, a compatibility with your project tempo and precisely timed sample length are required for sensible playback. Automatic BPM adjustment by analyzing the beat and stretching the waveform accordingly are under development and unlimited free updates are included in your license.

Beat Chopper supports any format of WAV audio files, mono or stereo. Support for MP3 samples is on it’s way, and of course immediately available for you free of charge after a new release.

Unleash the Infinite…

As with other Audio Freakout products, Beat Chopper dazzles the users with its simple power. Don’t stumble on clutter – Beat Chopper is to-the-point, pinpoint-accuracy tool that delivers what is expected – to create unlimited number of variations out of single drump loop in straightforward and effective manner.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Loop-Tweaking Potentiality

Get Beat Choppernow for only $25, a fraction of what you could spend on purchasing new samples, if only you weren’t exploiting the flow of creativity Beat Chopper VSTi plugin brings you.

The license contains the permission to download the latest plugin version straight from this website any time you happen to need it. Get Beat Chopper now for $25 and tap the endless stream of imaginative beats now and forever.

Choose your address with care.

Choose your address carefully since it is the only information tied to your license and the one and only way for you to get free product updates.

Choose your address with care.

Choose your address carefully since it is the only information tied to your license and the one and only way for you to get free product updates.

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