Download the Best VST-Midi Beat Slicer
Download the Best VST-Midi Beat Slicer

Beat Chopper VST Instrument Hits The Streets

Beat Chopper is a VST intrument that enables you to load up your audio sample, slice it, and trigger it from various positions by MIDI.

Adopted by Audio Freakout

The plugin was originally created and developed by Moki-Moki Ios. He discontinued the project, and since 2021 Audio Freakout team has enthusiastically adopted the work and takes good care of this piece of handy DAW tools.

In the lately released version 2.0.0 our team has improved the plugin in many ways.

Improved Stability and Sound Quality

The stability and sound quality have taken a great leap forward, playing of multiple chop parts simultaneously was imroved and the user interface now shows multiple play indicators at the same time.

Automatic chopping mode was also improved by Mr. Sorsa’s new profound algorithm. No need to mention this was a gigantic jump forward within that scope.

Video of Beat Chopper in Action

Easier on CPU

The plugin consumes also less CPU than earliear versions, so already this is a decent reason to update your Beat Choppers to Audio Freakout’s fresh 2.0.0 version.

Decent Price, Download Now!

The price was determined by the fact what would the developers be ready to pay for this piece of software. It is $25 only! Check out the product page for more information, quick online order form, and download instructions!