About us

Digital Audio Signal Hackers

Located in Finland

The team is located in Turku, Finland, and not surprisingly the members have gone through University of Turku Computer Science, Physics, etc. to learn some of their skills, some expertise is learnt from other books and websites, and the rest just by doing it.

It was early 2020 when two coding musicians and producers decided to kick off an own branch of VST plugins, mostly out of curiosity and the need of some challenge.

A Brief History

The first plugin was ambitious project, Ios had created a free Beat Chopper MIDI sample slicer, which was not so perfect and project was discontinued. The team enthusiastically took the plugin for further development and soon more plugins started to evolve.

So here we are, pumpin' out cool, inspiring, and useful VST plugins. We hope you enjoy using them as much as we do!

Audio Freakout team
Eat Your Own Dogfood

We produce the plugins we would use, for the price we would pay.

Really Useful

The concepts of your software arise from the use cases we need by ourselves.

Practical and Handy

One of our main focuses is to provide effective (CPU-wise) and handy (UI-wise) plugins.

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