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Cheap-Trick Stereo Enhancer VST Plugin out soon!

Free Stereo Enhancer Plugin Out Soon!

We at Audio Freakout are glad to leak some information to the public regarding our latest project. Behind the curtains we have been developing a fool-proof VST plugin to enhance your tracks stereo sound impression.

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Lebiniou audio visualizer user interface

Have You Heard of the LeBiniou Audio Visualizer?

We are great fans of the free and open-source Le Biniou audio visualizer software. Le Biniou or Lebiniou is an user-friendly, powerful music visualization and VJing tool.

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Download the Best VST-Midi Beat Slicer

Beat Chopper VST Instrument Hits The Streets

Beat Chopper is a VST intrument that enables you to load up your audio sample, slice it, and trigger it from various positions by MIDI. Since 2021 Audio Freakout team has enthusiastically adopted the work and takes good care of this piece of handy DAW tools.

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Audio Signal Hackers

Why Audio Freakout makes your mixes better? We eat our own dog food.

Every piece of software we release is being actively used by the developers themselves. This way we only offer products that have a real value also for our customers.

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